Garments & FMCG Sector

Recruitment For Garments & FMCG Sector

bangladesh-garment-workersThe Garment Industry is standing on the substratum of Fashion Industry. Fashion apparel is nothing but clothing that is in style at a particular time. The concept of fashion implies a process of style change, because fashions in garment has taken very different forms at different times in history.

This has led to an increase in demand of candidates with higher productivity and efficiency and enhanced design capabilities with expertise in garment manufacturing to help increase in productivity. They should not have have a sense of creativity, but also a passion to excel in this industry. It is a demanding sector that requires a combination of diligence as well as skill.

India has a mature garment industry which in turn ensures that India has a vast body of trained manpower. We have an exclusive database on key personnel in each area, from merchandising, design and manufacturing, import-export government regulations, freight and shipments

We, at Shella Consultants, keep ourselves abreast with the changes in the fashion and apparel industry and its impact on the human resources factor. We have designed our services for the clients in a systematic manner so as to respond within a clearly specified time frame.

We provide candidates for the various job openings in this industry like Fashion Designing,Textile Designing, Apparel Marketing,Garment Manufacturing etc

Some of the posts for which recruitment is done are :

  • 1) Merchandisers, from executive to senior level
    2) Apparel research and development personnel
    3) Production Personnel
    4) Quality Controllers
    5) Pattern Technologists/ Masters
    6) Production Managers
    7) Industrial Engineers

  • 8) Floor Supervisors
    9) Designers
    10) Textile Designers
    11) Fashion Designers
    12) Computer Aided Design Technologists
    13) Compliance Executives/Manager
    14) Skilled and unskilled labor

  • 15) Production and Maintenance supervisors for Spinning, weaving and Knitting
    16) Processing labor for Yarns, Fabrics
    17) Store manager
    18) Purchase officers for Yarns, Fabrics, Trims & accessories
    19) Marketing executives

garments-factoryWe act as a boutique human resources firm, catering to the garment industry at a global level. Our teams are managed by the professionals of the industry who are aware of the skills and capabilities vital for successfully operating in this sector. In recent years, we have profiled the human resources needs of the garment industry in India and other countries wherein we prepare a complete “client profile” so that we have all the information necessary in a proper format and in short time frame.

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